Claudia Candela (Valencia – Spain) is a singer-songwriter, lyricist and poet, with a long background in training since her beginnings in Valencia with the soprano María Macía, later in the Basque Country with musicians in Vitoria and San Sebastián, in London at LCCM university studying with great international musicians and finally in the Netherlands at Hanze University Conservatory where she studied her major in jazz music with a specialization in vocals with great American musicians and professors in the program ‘New York comes to Groningen ‘.

Upon returning to Spain and given the global situation caused by COVID-19, she used those times of confinement to immerse herself in her emotional universe, using her poems, developing new lyrics and finally creating her new album, addressing social issues such as misunderstandings, loneliness, personal growth, love for the human race, unconditional love for oneself, the beauty and complexity of family and much more.

Her use of metaphors, analogies, poetic narration and harsh reality, makes her music have that magic that reaches hearts and is close to the life of the listener.

Influenced by the culture of soul, funk, British pop, jazz, country and more she released her first single Angel Girl in 2020 and in 2021 she released her second single Hey Dad produced by Jorge Torres.

In her new album Life, produced also by Jorge Torres, recorded at Hive Recording Studio and mixed and mastered by Dave Darligton, she is accompanied by guitars, piano, keyboards, electric bass, drums, percussion, backing vocals and cello, played by great musicians from the Spanish and The Netherlands scene.

I write poems as a way of expression of all of the above and often I create music for them.

My music is sincerity, joy, abundance and love, so you can vibe and feel whatever you need whilst listening to it. So after a great deal of effort…

Here is my new single “Angel Girl” and the single “Hey Dad” , the latter is part of my new album. 

Let’s enjoy the ride together.

Much love.


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